Orange Dust

1st May 2012

The Chocolate Foot crew put on the SRAM Single Track Mind Series, see

Yesterday we headed to Orange to meet up with Steve Martin doing the timing for the Orange event, and Andrew Peterson from RFID timing – suppliers of our RFID Systems UHF timing gear. We gave Steve a hand, and Andrew spent some time with us doing some more hands on with system. A successful day with the system working well, and live to web results during the event even being monitored from the UK.

Steve had a great setup for the timing, with timing mats and side antennas in a good spot without interference, he used a television to provide both the entrants their results as they completed a lap, and the event director with a live results display.

Dust everywhere!

A big lesson for the day was beware of the dust. It didn’t cause any problems timing the event, but the equipment was full of dust at the end of the day. All the gear needs to be protected from the fine dust that ended up everywhere in the timing area due to the close proximity to the riders flying past on the dirt single track.

Andrew showed us how to set up a remote system using a 3G travel modem directly connected to the MySplit timing system, feeding results back to the timing tend via the Outreach relay servers, we used it to set up a split point demo in the forest.