Kowalski Classic

On Sunday the 30th September 2012, MySplit combined with Steve Martin from Orange to support RFIDSystems and Graeme Vincent of RacTec to time the inaugural Kowalski Classic – a 100k and 50k MTB event. Held around Sparrow Hill in the ACT, there were over 600 competitors that started in a dozen waves spread across the two events. The timing requirements consisted of wave starts, a timed uphill and downhill section out on the course for an ascent/decent king and queen of the hill awards, a spotters timing point 100m from the finish line, and of course finishers times.

The spot point for the finish line provided the announcer with advanced warning of the details of each finisher as they approached the finish line. Although it hadn’t been discussed before hand, we were able to set up the spot point given the gear that we had, and it worked well.

It was good to meet with Graeme (right) who provides the RaceTec software used by MySplit and catch up with Steve, and work with them to provide the Kowalski with a comprehensive timing solution.