2012 Lake to Lagoon Fun Run and Family Cycle

The 2012 Lake to Lagoon was a huge success with 1612 timed runners finishing along with hundreds of bikers. The Lake to Lagoon is a unique community event that is free to enter and consists of both a family cycle section and a fun run and walkers section. This year saw a massive 20% increase in registrations and participants.

Finisher Certificates

A big hit for participants this year were the finishers certificates. Printed on the spot, each finish certificate was customised for a participant to include their name, finish time and finish position. It was amazing to see a big queue for the certificates, but we were able to get people through the queue quickly, with much supportive and positive feedback from finishers. The big message was, as for the marathon event, participants are really keen to get their certificate on the day.

Read Statistics

It is interesting to look at some statistics that give a picture of how the dual tagged bibs and timing equipment performs. The setup of the timing equipment at the finish consisted of two finish lines, a primary finish line which had 3 timing mats and a backup antenna,  supported by a secondary finish line 3 meters along which again consisted of 3 finish mats and a backup antenna. Of the 1612 bibs read, 1606 (99.63%) were first detected by the primary finish line. Six bibs (0.37%) did not get picked up by the first line, but were subsequently detected by the secondary finish line. To get these results, the bibs had two timing chips attached to them, and a foam backing on each timing chip. We were really pleased with the read rates and quality of results across the finish line.