Hume & Hovell 50/100 Ultra


The Hume & Hovell 50/100 Ultra is a new 100km and 50km ultra running event, following the iconic Hume & Hovell walking track from Tumbarumba to the Blowering Dam wall.


  • Details
    • Date: Saturday 19th October 2013.
    • Location: Hume & Hovell walking track – Tumbarumba & Talbingo to Tumut, NSW.
    • Distance 100km & 50km
    • Registrations: 100 max participants.
    • Website:
  • Timing

    The Hume & Hovell 50/100 Ultra presents the unique challenge of timing an Ultra event. With cutoff times of 10 hours for the 50km event, and 21 hours for the 100km event, the challenge is monitoring a smaller number of participants over a long period of time. MySplit is tracking and timing all participants across the duration of the Ultra, providing the race director, support crews and followers with up to date tracking and timing details as participants progress through the course.